Pray for those who have housing problems

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Every year, as winter approaches, we hear about the tragedy faced by the homeless when the cold hits. Many homeless people (without a fixed abode) die in the streets of our cities, at the foot of our buildings, under a canvas in the woods.

The vast majority of these people have experienced various tragedies which have led them to this situation: unemployment, divorce, immigration, financial insecurity, etc.

Others live in unsanitary housing, infested with cockroaches, without sanitation…

We cannot remain insensitive to the situation of those who have no place to shelter, or who live in slums.

Each homeless or poorly housed person has their own story, and the reasons why they got there are very complex. While it is true that there may have been a lack of assistance, resources, work... sometimes the reasons for this state lie elsewhere. Many associations, Christian and secular, are setting out to support these people. Among the Christian associations we can cite: the Salvation Army, the Abbé Pierre association, and various local associations.

Whatever the reasons that led these people to experience this tragedy, they challenge our ability to love and help them.

"Lord, we pray to you for all the volunteers who invest themselves with love to bring help and relief to all those poorly housed or without housing. May believers mobilize in various assistance actions! We thank you for all the associations, all the people in these associations who are mobilizing to help these people.

We pray that the assistance offered respects the dignity of these poorly housed people, and that lasting solutions are offered to them.

We pray to you for the families who live in unsanitary housing, and whose children are exposed to numerous physical and material deficiencies; Let them be kept, in the name of Jesus! Amen!”

With love,

Paul Calzada

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