Let's pray for our parents

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The Bible says, “Honor your father and your mother.” This commandment is not linked to a particular condition such as: "If they are honorable, or if they are worthy."

This commandment is not linked to their age or that of the children, for example: "As long as you are a minor, or only when they are very old." No, there are no conditions, we must always honor them.

One of the best ways to honor them is to pray for them every day. Children, adolescents, newlyweds, young parents, pray for your parents every day.

Perhaps you could argue that they are not worthy, that they have mistreated you, abandoned you... All the more reason to pray for them, so that God's grace touches them.

While you have suffered because of their harshness, neglect... and you would be tempted to despise them or even curse them, pray for them with love, and forgiving them.

If they have been good parents, thank God, and if they are not believers, pray that they will turn their hearts to the Lord.

"Lord, this day we pray to you for our parents! May those who do not have faith find salvation and peace in you!

Lord, we pray to you for our sick or elderly parents! May you bless them in their health!

Perhaps they are opposed to your faith, so say: Lord, you see that my parents despise me because I believe in you; I bless them in your name. May the Holy Spirit touch their hearts! In the name of Jesus, amen!”

With love,

Paul Calzada, 

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