Let us pray for all those who have OCD problems, manias

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Some time ago, a person shared with me their problem with trichotillomania. I learned that this behavioral disorder consists of pulling out one's hair, eyelashes, beard...

By digging into the question, I knew that around two million French people suffered from OCD. For example, some people check ten times in a row that the oven is turned off, others accumulate mountains of old packaging without being able to throw it away. I knew a person who washed their hands 100 times a day, and refused to greet anyone with their hands for fear of germs.

OCD can take hundreds of forms, but whatever the form, these habits become, for some, real obsessions, compromising their social relationships and ruining their daily lives.

Perhaps you are affected by this situation, or it is someone close to you. This morning we want to pray with you.

In certain cases, obsessive disorders can be accompanied by other even more profound behavioral disorders, going as far as the desire to commit suicide.

“Lord, we pray to you for all those people who suffer from one or another of these OCDs, or manias, and who hope in you.

This situation is painful, not only for them, but also for those around them. This is why we also pray for their families, their friends, their colleagues.

We pray for those who, under the pressure of these tocs, come to desire death; let them turn to you, and be delivered in the name of Jesus! Amen!”

 With love,

Paul Calzada 

Image credit: Shutterstock / Herlanzer

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