The day a man and his Bible miraculously escaped unscathed from a burning car


Divine intervention? This is what the witnesses to this terrible car accident think. The driver and his Bible were rescued from the burning car.

Lhe accident occurred on State Highway 385 in Memphis, Tennessee. The car pulled off the road and quickly caught fire. Journalists from CNN say that witnesses tried to rescue the driver trapped in the flames. Others prayed for divine intervention as the situation seemed hopeless. It was finally a police officer who managed to open the car and get the victim out. And unbelievably, his Bible was also intact!

A witness posted a video of the crash on Facebook, capturing:

"I just saw GOD on the 385."

Anita Irby also testifies:

“The expressway was at a standstill and people were running from their cars trying to break the windows and open the doors of this man's car to free him; At the same time, others prayed that God would deliver this man from the clutches of the devil. [...] None of the flames touched it. »

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