Lazare in the Vendée Globe: they are going to walk on the mast!

Lazare in the Vendée Globe: they are going to walk on the mast!

Walking on the mast of his boat is the crazy challenge that Tanguy Le Turquais has set himself to highlight an even crazier challenge: racing a boat in the colors of the association. Lazarus in the next Vendée Globe.

Why this boat? To make the invisible visible during the most watched sporting event in France. After a 2nd place in the dinghies category of the Route du Rhum, Tanguy Le Turquais wishes to take the Lazare roommates around the world. And for that, they still need sponsors.

That's why he embarks Christian, who knew the street and who is the godfather of the boat in a real stunt: walking on the mast of the boat at sea like Alex Thomson did.

An original way to attract the attention of sponsors and raise as many donations as possible for Lazare and help them get new people off the streets!

A video full of good humor to share without moderation.

Herveline Urcun

Image credit: Lazare

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