The World Evangelical Alliance alerts the UN on the protection of displaced persons in Ukraine

The World Evangelical Alliance alerts the UN on the protection of displaced persons in Ukraine

On the occasion of the 53rd Human Rights Council in Geneva, the World Evangelical Alliance took part in the work of the Special Rapporteur on human trafficking, recalling the urgent need to protect people displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Since June 19, the Member States of the United Nations have been meeting in Geneva for the 53rd session of the Human Rights Council. Three weeks during which the various countries take stock of human rights in the world and draw up the list of priorities for the months to come.

On the occasion of this session, the World Evangelical Alliance was able, in partnership with the World Freedom Network and the European Freedom Network, to speak during the interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on human trafficking. These interactive dialogues are a unique opportunity for associations and NGOs to put important humanitarian and societal issues at the center of discussions by reporting on their experience in the field.

Thus, AEM recalled its constant commitment to the service of displaced populations and its action in Myanmar or in Europe and especially from the first days of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Concerned about the risks this conflict poses to vulnerable people, AEM has highlighted how it puts them at risk of human trafficking

“Displaced Ukrainians need long-term protection, and we call on governments in the region to provide ways to regularize the migration status of those rebuilding their lives in neighboring countries or further abroad. Access to employment, education, childcare and housing must also continue for displaced people, including those wishing to return home."

AEM also reminded Member States of their commitments and responsibilities:

"We urge the international community to uphold and strengthen its commitment to provide financial support to protect vulnerable populations in Ukraine and neighboring countries, as well as in other regions facing displacement."

Herveline Urcun.

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