New Optical Center ad links human dignity to God

New Optical Center ad links human dignity to God

Optical Center launched a new advertisement at the beginning of March which displays a message of hope and humanism. What distinguishes it from other commercial messages that associate their products with solidarity or a strong connection is the choice of the brand specialized in the optics and the hearing to base these values ​​on a particularity: they would result from the creation of man by God.

The spectator who discovers the advertisement of the French company in the second part of the evening could rub their eyes in surprise. In recent years, advertisements have mocked or misused religious symbols, as was the case last spring with Burger King's advertisement with the message of Christ during the Last Supper or in 2011 with the Benetton ad. The Italian brand, known for preaching diversity, had produced an image of Pope Benedict XVI and Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb, rector of the al-Azhar mosque, kissing on the mouth annoyed Catholics and Muslims. None of that here.

As more and more advertisements echo universalist, humanist messages and speak of connection – think of Coca-Cola commercials implying a supposed development of relationships by drinking the famous sparkling drink – Optical Center has chosen to abound in this direction, but without making the individual his own reference.

The commercial titled "Les Valeurs Optical Center" opens with the image of an infant, with a focus on his gaze. And a warm and benevolent voice announces:

"Each human being carries within him the talents that God has given him. Strengthened by this singularity, each of us deserves to be seen and listened to as such! At Optical Center, seeing well is not only a question of visual acuity : it is an ability to privilege what unites us; hearing well leads us to get along well."

The spot continues by showing an elderly man who celebrates his birthday by dancing, surrounded by his family, intergenerational and intercultural relations, with in particular a woman of African origin crying with joy when a hearing aid professional puts her a hearing aid.

Dignity based on the divine gift

In this slogan, human dignity proceeds from God, without it being defined, like the American civil god. Every believer will see noon at his door according to his religion. The message is not that of a humanism unconnected with the divine, but makes the merits of each rest on the talents that God has granted him. Because each individual has been endowed by God with particular capacities, each must be considered with respect in his specificity. The basis of dignity here is not the only human capacity or the reason placed in him, as in the thought of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, but link with a god. The will of God is enough, according to the implicit message, to guarantee everyone's right to respect.

While the commercial ends by mentioning the link of the Optical Center Foundation which supports various social projects, the voice carries a message of hope:

"Together, we will continue to build relationships of trust and benevolence, in order to build a humanity that is more united, more attentive, more at peace, capable of seeing the beautiful and hearing the good in everyone every day."

Solidarity comes from the recognition of the gifts attributed to everyone by God, here is the message summarizing the spot which, even if it is above all commercial, will not leave you indifferent.

Note: this article is not an infomercial, neither the author nor Info Chrétienne have no link of interest with the Optical Center brand.

Jean Sarpedon

Image credit: Youtube

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