The Christian publishing house Première Partie takes over Éditions Salvator


In a press release published on Monday, Éditions Première Partie announced their “acquisition of Editions Salvator”. Under the aegis of a common director, the two houses thus intended to “respond to the strong spiritual expectations of the time”.

On Monday, December 23, Salvator editions, specializing in the humanities and religions, announced their merger with the Christian publishing house Première Partie.

Un press release announcing this recent acquisition, indicates that Pierre Chausse, leader of First Party, succeeds Yves Briend, former CEO of Salvador. The artist and entrepreneur Grégory Turpin, at the head of Première Partie Music, has been appointed administrator.


Yves Briend says he is "deeply" delighted with this merger and has expressed his support for Pierre Chausse who, according to him, is "the best guarantor of the continuity and editorial mission of Salvator editions".

“The sale of Editions Salvator to Editions Première Partie makes me very happy. I am convinced that Pierre Chausse is the best guarantor of the continuity and editorial mission of Salvator editions. He is a worthy heir to the history of the house founded in 1924 by Canon Alphonse Meyer. The editorial team can trust him as well as all the collaborators. »

“Pierre Chausse shares the vision that I have had for all these years concerning Salvator's Catholic roots. He shares the constant concern for openness and dialogue with other Christian denominations, other religions and society as a whole”, continues the former CEO.

According to him, the main challenge for the two Christian publishing houses will be “to respond to the strong spiritual expectations of the time”.

For their part, Pierre Chausse and Grégory Turpin declare that the "high quality of the catalog, the professionalism and the vision of Salvator have been inspirations" at the various stages of their development. They also believe that the merger between the two houses "has many advantages" that will allow them "to rely on each other to develop, each in its line and its own mission".

Melanie Boukorras

Image credit: Claudia Corbi.

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