Abducted in 2014 by the Islamic State in Syria, 6 Yazidi women have just been released

Abducted in 2014 by the Islamic State in Syria, 6 Yazidi women have just been released

Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize winner, announced on Twitter the release of 6 Yazidi women kidnapped by the Islamic State in Syria in 2014.

Six Yazidi women have been rescued from Islamic State captivity in Syria. They were brought back to Kurdistan on June 3. They were able to find their families there. Their release was announced by Nadia Murad, Yazidi winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

"After weeks of investigation, I am extremely heartened to report that we have rescued six more Yazidi women who were captured by ISIS. The women were still children and teenagers when they were captured for the first time in 2014. Abducted from Iraq to Syria, they were rescued on Saturday morning. They were flown back to Erbil where they will be reunited with their families and will receive all the psychosocial support they need."

Nadia Murad thanks the president of the regional government of Kurdistan, without whom "this rescue would not have been possible".

“By creating an office dedicated to rescuing kidnapped Yazidi women and girls, he has helped many to escape IS captivity,” she explains. She says it, this rescue gives "hope".

"Rescuing trafficked and enslaved Yazidi women and children is an ongoing humanitarian campaign and the reunification of these six women with their families, after nearly nine years, gives us hope that others can be found. We will continue to search for the remaining women and children who we know are still missing."

“We can and we must bring home more kidnapped women,” she proclaims.


Image credit: Shutterstock/ Musaib Mushtaq

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