"Jesus, mother, ouch, amen": The prayer of faith of the 2-year-old grandson of Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer recounts how Jeremiah, her 2 year old grandson, prayed when he saw his sick mother.

Lhe Bible tells us about children's faith and inspires us to become like them. Jeremiah, 2 years old, grandson of Joyce Meyer, gives us an example of his trust in God. Joyce shared a video last week in which she urged Christians in her community to seek God with her heart.

“Stop trying to understand God with your head. It is a matter of the heart. "

Jeremiah is Joyce Meyer's grandson. He is 2 years old. His grandmother says that one day Jeremiah's mother was lying on her bed. She was crying from a sharp pain in her back. So the little boy put his hands on her and prayed.

“Jesus, mom, ouch, amen. "

Joyce Meyer then recounts that the pain is gone. She encourages the faithful to come to God with this child's heart.

“Come to him as a little child. He is a good shepherd. It doesn't have to be imaginative. It doesn't have to be eloquent. It doesn't have to be phonetically correct. "


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