"Jesus is the only way" professes Joshua Bassett after his baptism

After being baptized, Joshua Bassett shares his experience with his followers Jesus is the only way

Joshua Bassett sent a long message to his fans where he explains that he is "better than ever" after finding himself on the path of God, and assures that it is the "only way".

Actor and singer Joshua Bassett was recently baptized at the Charismatic Bethel Megachurch in Redding, California, according to Baptist News Global. In a video that reached high viewership, Joshua said:

"My name is Joshua Bassett. Long story short, I grew up a Christian and ran the other way, as far as I could go, in pursuit of the 'truth.' than through addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, etc. I am here to declare Jesus Christ, publicly, as my lord and savior."

The actor appeared in Grey's Anatomy, published an excerpt from his testimony on Instagram.

"No other teacher has given me the peace that Jesus Christ has given me," Joshua Bassett said.

"A few months ago I asked God 'send me a sign when I write the truth'. I wrote 'Jesus is the way' and nothing happened, then I added 'Jesus is the only way', and the light has come into my living room," he also wrote.

The young protagonist of the High School Musical series admitted to feeling lost and having a bad time, and advised everyone to be kind to themselves and their loved ones.

"Jesus Christ is the only way. His death and resurrection are historically documented. Walk away from hate, ask forgiveness and come to him."

The American star testifies today that he feels "better than ever", after having found his "way".

Salma El Monser

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