"Jeanne": Natasha St-Pier's new album on Joan of Arc


Natasha St-Pier is currently touring the four corners of France to present her new album “Jeanne”, released on September 30. Twelve songs that pay homage to Joan of Arc. 

After two albums dedicated to Thérèse of Lisieux, "Thérèse, vivre d'amour" in 2013 and "Thérèse de Lisieux - To love is to give everything" in 2018, Natasha St-Pier retraces the life of Joan of Arc in a new opus entitled “Jeanne”, released on September 30.

An album that is a continuation of the two previous records since the singer explains that she wanted to explore the bond that united these two inspiring women.

It all started in 2013, when she was offered songs based on poems by Thérèse of Lisieux. The Canadian artist reports having been overwhelmed by the discovery of these texts.

“The purity in these words and the apparent ease in the spiritual path that she proposes overwhelm me. »

Listening to her heart more than her reason, in her own words, Natasha St-Pier released at this time a first spiritual album dedicated to the Carmelite nun.

It was later, while reading other writings by Thérèse of Lisieux, that she discovered that she had a model: Joan of Arc, to whom she had even dedicated a play.

The artist says that in April 1897, Thérèse wrote: "When I began to learn the history of France, the account of the exploits of Joan of Arc delighted me, I felt in my heart the desire and the courage of imitate, it seemed to me that the Lord also destined me for great things".

Natasha St-Pier then decided to become "the hyphen" linking these two inspiring figures by adapting Thérèse's piece to music. A 12-song album, for which she wrote and composed for the first time.

To support her, the 41-year-old Canadian also called on the talent of Lionel Florence, who worked with celebrities like Johnny Hallyday, and Jaques Veneruso, who worked with another Canadian celebrity, Celine Dion. Grégory Turpin also participated in this new opus by writing the 9th title of the album, “Tire que tu es mon père”.

Since September 30, the singer is on tour throughout France, mainly in church, the artist having preferred places of worship to concert halls to present this album.

The song "Jeanne" present on the album, of which you can discover the clip below, is a cover of a title interpreted by Laurent Voulzy released in 2011:

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