Iraq: Hungarian Church Rebuilds Christian Village Destroyed During War Against ISIS


“O you slaves of the cross. You have no place in an Islamic state. Go, or we'll kill you. "

Batnaya, a christian village in Iraq in the middle of Nineveh, was at the heart of the war in Iraq against the Islamic State. Batnaya had been completely destroyed by the coalition to dislodge the jihadists. But in 2017, the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference launched a fundraising campaign. Two years later, the renovation began.

In the aftermath of the war, the walls of this ghost village continued to utter the threats from Islamists. The mines and tunnels dug by the jihadists did not invite a return.

“O you slaves of the cross. You have no place in an Islamic state. Go, or we'll kill you. "

In May 2018, a Christian, Deacon Marcus, witnessed ruin and desolation.

“I visited the Christian village of Batnaya, a village in northern Iraq, near Mosul. The village was taken by the Islamic State a few years ago and was practically destroyed by airstrikes. As a result, many villagers were unable to return and remain displaced. "

But Hungarian Christians have decided to mobilize for their brothers and sisters in Iraq. To date, $ 500 has been raised. It was under "difficult circumstances" that reconstruction was able to start again.

Le communicated from the secretariat of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference indicates that it is a question of "fraternal solidarity of the Christian community":

“Financial support is not only concrete help for displaced families, but also an expression of the fraternal solidarity of the Christian community. It is based on the hope that God will prepare the future and peace for those who find themselves in the most difficult situation. "


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