Inspired by his mother who died in prison because of her faith, he plants two churches in North Korea


His mother remained faithful to Jesus until her death in prison, Chung-Ho is now following in her footsteps in the faith in North Korea.

The one who will be called Chung-Ho for security reasons is a pastor in North Korea. God Reports share his testimony.

It was his Christian mother, imprisoned because of her faith, who encouraged him to engage in ministry.

“Two years ago, I learned that my mother had died in prison. She kept her faith without denying God until the moment of her death. She also claimed that she would go to heaven when she died. People who witnessed her death in prison said that she did not fear death. »

After a period of training in China, he returned to North Korea where he planted two underground churches.

According to american commission for religious freedom (USCIRF), in 2021, “conditions for religious freedom in North Korea remained among the worst in the world.” In the country's dominant ideology, known as Juche, sees religion as "an existential threat". Religious freedom is therefore non-existent and the authorities actively and systematically target and persecute religious groups. Among the abuses suffered by Christians and other religious minorities, the USCIRF denounces “arbitrary deprivation of liberty, torture, sexual violence, forced labor and execution”.

“Most North Korean Christians cannot gather for collective worship due to pervasive surveillance and harsh repression. Possessing religious materials like Bibles is considered extremely risky and potentially deadly, if discovered. Christians caught practicing their faith face serious abuses such as long-term imprisonment in various prisons or prison-like establishments, torture, forced labor, sexual violence and summary executions. »


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