Fire at an oil depot in Cuba: 1 dead, 121 injured and 17 firefighters missing


Lightning caused a fire in an oil depot in Cuba.

Friday evening, August 5, lightning struck one of the tanks at the Matanzas oil depot, located 100 kilometers east of Havana, the Cuban capital.

On Saturday morning, the fire spread to two other reservoirs.

Vatican News reports a report from Agence France Presse according to which we deplore at least one death, 121 injured and 17 people still missing. These missing are firefighters who were near the site when an explosion took place. Around 1 people were evacuated from the area.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, representative of the Cuban government, praised on Twitter the action of the relief workers, their professionalism and their performance.

Several countries have come to the aid of Cuba, including Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile, which have offered material aid.

This drama comes at a time when the inhabitants of the island are already victims of numerous power cuts, up to 12 hours a day in certain regions of the country. A situation that has sparked many protests in recent days.


Image credit: Screenshot Twitter

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