In Jerusalem, a Benedictine priest attacked by two young Orthodox Jews


A Benedictine priest was attacked in a street in the Old City of Jerusalem by two young Orthodox Jews on February 3. The Patriarchate of Jerusalem condemns this “attack” and specifies that these acts of hatred increase “the feeling of insecurity” of Christians in the Holy Land.

Saturday February 3, the Benedictine priest Nikodemus Schnabel, accompanied by the German journalist Natalie Amiri, was taken to task by two young Orthodox Jews in the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

In a post published on X on February 5, the cleric broadcast videos of the altercation. While one of the young people spits at the sight of the priest, the other tries to prevent the journalist from filming. 

The Israeli Daily Yedioth Ahronoth specifies that this type of aggression, which consists of spitting in front of a Christian religious, on their clothes or even in front of churches, has increased in recent years.

For its part, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem condemned this “unjustified and shameful attack” which “increases the feeling of insecurity of Christian religious in the Holy Land”, in a post published on X on February 4. 

An attack also condemned by the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel Katz, who recalls that “under the reign of the State of Israel, all religious people will benefit from total freedom of worship”.

"I'm not angry with them, I'm praying for them. I hope we teach young people that religiosity is not about being against each other, but about good for all. I know that they are not the majority in the State of Israel" concluded the priest.

Melanie Boukorras

Image credit: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

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