Immersion: behind the scenes of the filming of the video for “Alleluia to our God”



It's back to school for our immersive reporting format! In this new episode, we invite you to follow us behind the scenes of the filming of the clip for “Alleluia to our God”. 

The team that offered you “La Bénédiction France” in 2020, then the Christmas carol “Listen to the song of the Angels” as well as “Notre Espérance” on the occasion of Easter, is back with a new, even more ambitious project!

This time it is a song in French composed by four French-speaking singers: Pauline Bétuel, Sébastien Corn, Dan Luiten and Samuel Olivier.

In addition to the four composers, two other singers joined the project during the recording, they are the Congolese singer Dena Mwana and Thomas Pouzin of the group Glorious. We will also note the participation of 77 French-speaking churches.

This new opus is an invitation to raise our eyes to God, seated on the throne, because "Alleluia - To our God" inspired by Revelation 4, is a declaration of love to the One who is "worthy to receive glory , honor and power”.

During this immersion, we take you behind the scenes of the clip of this song, to meet the six artists who participated.

You will be able to find out more about the genesis and implementation of this ambitious project which will be released Friday 30 September.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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