“There is no lonelier place on earth for a man than to be separated from God”: a documentary on the faith of Johnny Cash


A documentary about the journey of faith of the famous singer Johnny Cash will be broadcast in early December in the United States. 

The documentary Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon will be released in early December in the United States.

It focuses on the journey of faith of one of America's greatest country music artists, Johnny Cash, who died in 2003.

christian headlines reports that the film includes footage of the singer's testimony. When asked, for example, if he regrets his troubled past, Johnny Cash replies: “I forgave myself. When God forgave me, I thought I'd better do it too.

"There is no lonelier place on earth for a man than to be separated from God," Cash says in another passage.

According to the star's son, John Carter Cash, of all the films made about his father, this documentary would be the one that would have "excited him the most". No release date is currently planned in France.

Here is the trailer in English:

“The Redemption of an American Icon” is produced by Kingdom Story Company the same company that produced the film " I still believe in " on the story of Christian singer Jérémy Camp and his first wife Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who suffered from cancer, distributed in France by Saje Distribution.

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