How to love yourself through the vision of God?

How to Love Yourself Through God's Vision

Hello my friend, I am very happy to meet you today to share with you a well-known word from the Psalms, it is Psalm 139, verses 13 and 14 which tells us: "It is you who you formed my loins, who wove me in my mother's womb. I praise you for being such a marvelous creature. Your works are admirable and my soul recognizes it well."

Wow! How to interpret this word? One could believe that the author of this Psalm, David therefore, is proud enough finally or that he has an excess of insurance to manage to say: "I am a marvelous creature."

But fortunately, we have read the context which is very important. He first recognizes that he is a creature, and when he says "I am such a wonderful creature" ultimately it is not self-centered as a statement. It's more creator-centric:

"It is you who formed my loins, who wove me in my mother's womb."

We do not know the physical aspect of King David, we do not know if he was handsome according to our criteria, whether they are today or those of the time, we do not have any. no idea.

We have to say all the same that in our imagination, you and I, we necessarily imagine him as someone handsome given that he was a powerful man, he was an influential man, a conqueror, a winner. He made a lot of mistakes, of course, but it's hard to imagine a conqueror, winner, ugly.

Let's be honest, in our imagination, it is beautiful. However, here it is not about physical beauty, it is about worship, it is about praising God. Can I manage to declare that it is God who created me as I am? Whatever my physical aspect, whatever the way people look at me, I am a creature and what God does is perfect!

Maybe you have a handicap, you have, dare I say it, maybe deformities, I don't know how you imagine yourself. How do you view yourself? I want to eat today: look at God's gaze on you. He wove you in your mother's womb, he loves you.

And finally, we respond in this way with this benevolent look that we adopt, that of God on our life. We respond to this command to love God as ourselves, or to love his neighbor forgiveness as ourselves. And if we manage to love ourselves, maybe it's difficult, the secret that David reveals to us is to recognize that we are a creature of God.

So I can love God for the creation he made, what he made in me is beautiful. Beyond the physical, there is character, there is temperament, there is life, there are gifts, there are callings. I am a wonderful creature of God and by loving myself, I will be able to love others too.

It will finally be easy to give compliments to others, to encourage them, to see the beauty in others if I know how to first recognize the beauty that God has placed in me. My friend, do this exercise today, says:

"I am a wonderful creature!"

And you might say to someone else:

"You are a wonderful creature!"

You will no longer say it as with envy or self-deprecation, but you will say it in the true measure of God, realizing that, you as your neighbour, each one of us, we are God's creature, a marvelous creature!

Be blessed, you who are a marvelous creature of the Lord.

Tony Tornator

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