How The Chosen will reach 1 billion people, according to Two Disciples

the chosen 1 billion people


“How THE CHOSEN will reach 1 BILLION people”, is the title of a YouTube video published by Thibault Pfeffer and Benoît Gélébart, “two disciples following Christ”. In this clip, the two evangelists look back on the genesis of the successful series. 

Discover Two Disciples, the YouTube channel created by Thibault Pfeffer and Benoît Gélébart which aims to “transmit audacity to all those who are on mission in their church, their parish, their community and for the slogan “dope for missionaries”.

In the video above, dedicated to The Chosen adventure and entitled "How THE CHOSEN will reach 1 BILLION people", the two friends tell the story of Derral and Dallas Jenkins, creators of the hit series about life of Jesus. 

"The Chosen is THE series about Jesus! We have rarely seen such quality, the series even beat Avatar 2 at the American box office 😱 And the objective is clear: reach 1 BILLION PEOPLE through 7 seasons ( and maybe more) But then how did they get there? How do they plan to reach so many people? We'll explain their strategy to you, which is so incredible, we're its first fans!"

After spending a few years as missionaries among young people to evangelize them, Thibault and Benoît turned to YouTube to transmit the Good News.

“In prayer, we received a call to produce the Christian content we would like to see,” they explain. Today, they use this channel to tell how the Holy Spirit leads men and women to create “ambitious evangelization projects.” “We can’t wait to see how the Lord will lead us!”, they tell us. 

As a reminder, season 3 of The Chosen in French will be broadcast in a few days on C8. The first two episodes are expected tomorrow, Friday December 22, from 23:25 p.m., while the rest of the season will follow, on December 26,27,28, 29, 9 and 15 every morning, from XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., with two episodes per day. 

In the meantime, The Chosen France meets fans of the series every evening, from December 18 to 25, at 20:30 p.m., to (re)watch the first season in its entirety on YouTube (by clicking here) !

Camille Westphal Perrier


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