How can idolatry and technology distance us from God?

How idolatry and technology can distance us from God

Today’s text tells us this: “I, the Lord, am your God. I hold your hand. I tell you: Do not be afraid, I am coming to your aid. » (Isaiah 41: 13)

Notice that the Lord says to you: “I hold your hand.” I believe this is more than a cultural practice. He holds your hand when you walk in the dark, when you don't know where you stand, when you are lost in the dark, bewildered and afraid of tripping when taking a step. Before. He is there with you, and he takes your hand to lead you, to reassure you. Know that the Lord takes you by the hand when you feel lost or worried. But did you know that the background of this chapter is idolatry?

Verse 7 says this: “The sculptor encourages him who works in gold and silver. The craftsman who flattens the metal with a hammer encourages the blacksmith. He says of his work: It's going well. Then we finish the statue of a false god by fixing it with nails. » The statue of a false god!

There was a time when the people of Israel discovered new technology. A new metal for forging weapons. Israel discovered iron, much stronger than bronze. And with this discovery, the people of God gradually put their trust in their own weapons, their own strength, their army now equipped with weapons capable of defeating the enemy. And gradually, Israel moved away from God to put its trust in its own strength.

This is indeed the center of this chapter, Israel ends up understanding that idolatry cannot save, that it is like a broken cistern that does not hold water.

This text confronts us in our way of living. Is there anything in your life that gives you more courage than God himself? Is there anything that gives you more joy, more pleasure than the Lord? Do you remember when you went out into the fields, at sunset, to raise your eyes to the sky, look at the stars and the moon, and marvel at feeling the presence of God? Do you remember that time? Today you may be locked in your cell phone and have lost your passion for Jesus. You realize and you're afraid, and that's good. So much the better, because it is he who calls you back and tells you: “I am your God. I hold your hand. I tell you: Do not be afraid, I am coming to your aid. »

The technology we have today is capable of doing extraordinary things, but it is also capable of losing you, locking you in darkness. No song of praise, no music, can replace the time you spend with God, in your communion with him! He thirsts to hear your voice, he thirsts for communion with you. He really wants to hear the tone of your voice, your questions, your worries, your doubts, he misses all of that so much! So listen, sit where you are, be silent, he is there in the secret of silence.

Tell him, ask him to take your hand, ask him to help you regain an intimacy with him, like the one you lost, and recognize that like Israel when he discovered a new technology, you You let yourself be taken in, and gradually you distanced yourself, you no longer felt the same fire in your heart. Please, I invite you to come back to him, not to go further away, to the point where it will be really difficult for you to come back into communion with him.

Talk to a brother or sister and tell them you need help. There is no shame in admitting this! Talk to your youth group, talk to your parents, talk to your pastor, talk to the Lord. Don't continue to lose your way. Let him take your hand and ask him not to let go. Lord listen to the secret prayer that rises from this heart, welcome it. For the love of Jesus.

gabriel alonso

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