Tributes to Satan and Pentagram: US Church Vandalized Over Easter Weekend

Tributes to Satan and Pentagram an American church vandalized over Easter weekend

On the walls of this church, offensive messages were tagged, "Believe in Satan", "I am not sorry", a pentagram, the number 666 or even phallic images.

In the United States, the Konnarock Baptist Church in Washington County was robbed and vandalized over Easter weekend. Messages were tagged on the walls, "Believe in Satan", "I'm not sorry", a pentagram, the number 666 or even phallic images.

Andrew McClung, journalist for WCYB, shares photos of this act of vandalism, stating that other images are "too graphic to show".

"The little place here on the side of the road that's there to give people a place to come and worship the Lord and hear the gospel preached in truth and in spirit, and then somebody has so much hatred for the truth, it's just beyond my comprehension," says Blevins, a church member of 30 years.

Detective William Smarr is in charge of the investigation. He does not exclude that it could be a hate crime. A neighbor of the church testifies to her disappointment on Facebook.

"This little white church is right below my house. It's been there for as long as I can remember. A landmark in our community. It's just wrong that one or more disappointing people do such a thing. horrible, despicable, like this!!! Absolutely no respect! I hope they get caught. Please pray for those dear members who attend this church. I know they are heartbroken."


Image credit: Facebook

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