HelloBible: Bridging Technology and the Bible


By better understanding AI, we can better understand its potential and challenges, particularly in projects such as HelloBible. This project embodies an innovative approach to Bible study, marrying AI technology with the richness of sacred texts. An initiative that aims to make the Bible more accessible, and to offer new perspectives to stimulate a deeper understanding of its teachings. 

HelloBible represents a bold initiative to merge cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with timeless Bible study. It is important to note, however, that our intention is not to replace the Word of God, but to make it more accessible in the digital age.

AI as a dialogue facilitator 

Thanks to AI, we offer a unique possibility to “dialogue” with the Bible. This interaction aims to deepen the understanding of sacred texts, particularly the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to illuminate their relevance in the contemporary context. The AI ​​tool analyzes scriptures, scholarly interpretations, and theological commentary to generate responses aligned with these teachings.

Respect for the authenticity of teachings 

It is crucial to emphasize that AI does not create or add new doctrinal content. It acts like a mirror, reflecting the teachings of the Bible as closely as possible and allowing users to discover perhaps unexplored connections and implications.

AI as a complementary study tool 

We firmly believe that AI can enrich Bible study. It offers a new perspective and stimulates deeper thinking, recognizing that it complements but does not replace traditional reading, meditation, prayer, or exchanges with spiritual guides such as pastors or priests.

In-depth engagement and study 

Our ultimate ambition is to promote a renewed commitment to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible as a whole. By integrating modern technology, we aspire to revive interest in these ancient texts, making them more accessible to a contemporary audience.

Eric Celery

As part of the upcoming launch of HelloBible, we are offering you a series of articles over several weeks on the theme of AI. In the meantime, and to find out more on this subject, we invite you to discover our interview with Eric Célérier as well as his appearance in Sébastien Corn's podcast, The Creative Mass

A Bible question? A difficult situation? A subject of prayer? Do not hesitate to go to the HelloBible website, to find out what the Bible says or what Jesus would answer you.

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