He will finish what he started!

He will finish what he started!

I am delighted to meet you today to meditate together on the verse of the day which is found in Philippians, chapter 1, verse 6, which I invite you to read with me: "I am convinced that he who began in you this good work will continue it to its end, until the day of Jesus Christ."

Nothing can match the patience of God. It is the source of salvation, because it is through it that God fishes us out even when everything around us vanishes or when we find ourselves in a delicate position.

The words spoken here by the apostle Paul in this verse are found within a prayer that he addresses to God on behalf of the Christians of Philippi. The apostle is grateful to God for this Church. He cannot forget the memory of the good times spent together with his brothers and sisters.

This is the reason why he says it openly that he does not stop praying for all of them. And his prayer has a precise and clear object: he is happy to see how much the progress of these brothers and sisters is for him, a subject of joy because they advance spiritually, and through them, the Gospel of Christ produces fruits worthy of repentance.

However, one problem remains and this is the object of our meditation today: God will perfect his good work in us. Said like that, we do not necessarily see what is happening here. Someone could say to himself: the prayer of the apostle opens with a positive note where we see him thanking the Lord for the faith, the fidelity of the Christians of Philippi?

In addition, he himself said that their way of taking part in the Gospel of Christ was exemplary! Why does he still speak of a good work that still needs to be perfected, in other words not finished?

Indeed my friend, we Christians are an unfinished job. Although we have been saved, we are still in the race with our eyes fixed on the return of the Lord. Only on that day can we finally rest. For example, the condition of our sanctification.

Which of us can say that he is perfectly holy, blameless, a permanent model for others? person. There are always more or less visible cracks in each of us, but God continues to work on us and he promises that one day this good work initiated by him will be brought to perfection.

The reality of sanctification reminds us that it is a present state, that is to say that the believer is holy in Jesus Christ; a becoming, that is to say that the believer is invited to be and to live continually in sanctification.

Finally, sanctification is an expectation, that is to say that the believer is holy and lives in holiness but he sometimes experiences moral, ethical or spiritual failures. Therefore, let us have love, patience and gentleness towards those who are not as spiritually strong as we are.

Let us pray for the weak because others have also prayed for us to be strong one day. Let's love them, let's continue to pray for them. If the truth must be told, let it be told with love. Let us be inspired by God's patience and imitate his compassion.

Have a nice day and God bless you.

Gabriel oleko

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