Hanouka at the Elysée: “no violation of secularism” for Darmanin


Emmanuel Macron committed "no violation of secularism" by letting the chief rabbi of France light a Hanouka candle at the Elysée on Thursday evening, on the first day of this traditional Jewish festival of lights, according to the Minister of the Interior and Gérald Darmanin cults.

“The President of the Republic is a defender of religions (...) He respects them all. As head of state, there is no violation of secularism,” Mr. Darmanin said on Franceinfo on Friday. .

“During this important Jewish holiday, at a time when our Jewish compatriots are experiencing anti-Semitic acts, when rabbis are attacked, when synagogues are attacked, when people who have external signs of religion are attacked in the street, I find that "It's completely normal for the President of the Republic to place himself alongside our Jewish compatriots," he added.

“That the President of the Republic receives religious people is normal,” he insisted.

“There is no problem with the fact that mayors can go and receive religious people in town halls,” added Mr. Darmanin who also finds “a little absurd” the court decisions banning crèches in town halls “because that it is part of our cultural life.”

The ceremony of the European Conference of Rabbis at the Elysée, where Emmanuel Macron received a prize for his fight against anti-Semitism, was the subject of controversy following a video showing the ignition by the chief rabbi of France Haïm Korsia, under the eyes of Emmanuel Macron, with a Hanouka candle.

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