Grand parents ? Here are 10 keys to praying with your grandchildren


10 keys to pray with your grandchildren.

Praying with one's grandchildren is sometimes smiling at their childish requests, sometimes seeking a little discipline and sometimes being deeply moved by their sincerity. But while it is often a challenge to take this time of prayer with them, we know that the effort is worth it. Here are 10 keys to praying with your grandchildren.

Be brief

Endless prayers with children don't work. Prayer marathons don't affect them. Let's be brief, clear and to the point!

Be true

It is not useful to repeat the usual prayers. To pray is to have a conversation with God. So the easiest way is probably to talk to him without artifice. Avoid ritualistic phrases and Canaan dialect. Everyday language will mean more to children.

Ask, don't impose

Often, we offer the children prayer topics that we think are useful. Ask them why they want to pray. No request is too big or too small for God. There is no right or wrong topic.

Don't give advice

Often we fall into the trap of praying to convey messages to our grandchildren. Don't use this prayer time to take stock of something. Go talk to God, just, together.

Remember God's promises

The Bible is full of God's promises for our lives. You can pray for each other by remembering them. They will thus see that they can bless others by praying and will become more attentive to these promises.

Use bible verses

You can personalize the verses by dragging a person's name into them. It will give the Bible a new meaning for them.

Structure this prayer time

Start by remembering who you are talking to. Talk about God, his greatness, his majesty, his holiness. Then take some time to appreciate what God has done for you. Finally finish with your requests. This structure will be a guide for your grandchildren.

Stay silent together

The Bible makes many references to silence and meditation. Teach your grandchildren to be silent and wait for what God is going to do.

Note the answers to prayers

Often, God answers our prayers without our noticing. Noting our prayer points and their answers is a good way to encourage us.


Article by May Paterson translated and reproduced in part from the site Crosswalk

Article originally published in January 2019.

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