Faithfulness in Little Things: A Spiritual Key

Loyalty in the little things

Today, I am delighted to meet you for our verse of the day which I invite you to read with me in Luke 16, verse 10 where it is written: "He who is faithful in small things, is also faithful in big things, and he who is dishonest in small things is also dishonest in big things. »

It is said and it is clear: “He who is faithful in small things is also faithful in large things. It is the Lord who says so! He recalls here a universal law, which consists in emphasizing that the best place where one can see the fidelity of a person, it is in the small things.

And why is this so? We have certainly found that people like big things, things that are visible. We are naturally driven by the desire to be seen, noticed, appreciated. Many people, even among Christians, prefer big things, things that are visible.

It should be remembered that the Lord is not against big things but he recalls an inescapable principle consisting of this: the best way to learn to manage big things, begins with small ones. In the tasks that seem minimal, unrewarding, small, these are training schools.

The Bible is full of examples of this. Take for example the story of Joseph. He did not find himself overnight at the head of Egypt as number 2, God took care to prepare him for years before realizing the promise made to him from his birth. young age. God took him through several stages and at each stage his faithfulness was tested. When he was in the pit God worked humility in Joseph. When he was sold into slavery, God developed in him the ability to manage, in this case the house of Potiphar. When he was sent to prison there, God developed in Joseph a sense of leadership in the face of his fellow prisoners. In each of these phases of his life, Joseph's heart remained faithful to God and to his superiors. His promotion was a logical consequence and not an accident or a favouritism.

What are the implications of these truths for our life and our faith? It is clearly said: God conditions our elevation, our promotion to the fidelity that we will show in small things. In other words, before aspiring to what is high, ask ourselves the question if we manage well and faithfully what we have today.

Let us not forget that fidelity is always rewarded, both by God and by men.

Gabriel oleko


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