Celebrate Saint Joseph on March 19

Celebrate Saint Joseph on March 19

On the occasion of Saint Joseph, which will take place this Sunday, March 19, 2023, Saje distribution invites you to discover a documentary dedicated to him: Father's Heart.

For 1h30, the documentary shows the works of Saint Joseph created thanks to his intercession. There are testimonies of families, couples, sick people, who, through prayer, discovered the father figure of Saint Joseph.

The documentary also proposes to discover the sanctuary of Cotignac, a place dedicated precisely to Saint Joseph. We also learn more about the organization of pilgrimages for fathers of families who have been taking place in each diocese for several years now, a moment of renewal and prayer during a walk. 

Father's Heart is to be discovered on Sunday March 19 at 20 p.m., for an online session (in E-cinema), on the platform Cult. The screening will be followed by an exchange with Brother Jean-Stéphane, who had the joy of serving Saint Joseph in particular during his six years spent at the priory of Cotignac. He joined the priory of Avignon two and a half years ago, and notably wrote works on the figure of Saint Joseph.

For this meeting on March 19, 2023, he will be accompanied by Pierre Brottier, father of 4 children, who coordinates the various "fathers' pilgrimages" to Cotignac. 

Saje Distribution invites you to meet on Sunday March 19, 2023 at 20 p.m. on Saint Joseph's Day to discover the magnificent and inspiring film Father's Heart, to end your weekend well, or start your week well. The film will be available for purchase DVD or on the platform saje+ from March 20, 2023.

Check out the trailer now:

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