Study: Protestants would rather pray than read their Bibles


Lifeway Research surveyed 1002 American Protestants about spending time with God.

Lifeway Research has just published a study on the views of the Protestant faithful on spending time with God. And the 1002 Americans surveyed seem more likely to pray than read the Bible or a devotional.

If 83% of practitioners say they pray most often in their own words, 80% say they thank God, 62% praise him and 49% confess sins, but only 39% read the Bible or a devotional, which is less 2 out of 5 people.

Of those who read their Bible, 63% read a regular Bible, 25% a study Bible, and 20% use an app.

Another trend, spending time alone with God is a daily habit found more among women (48%) than among men (38%). “We see in the scriptures a pattern of disciples of God who withdraw to spend time alone with him. Jesus Christ himself did this as well,” says Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research, “most Protestant worshipers continue this relational interaction with God and use a variety of resources.”

When it comes to prayer, worshipers under 50 are more likely to read prayers, while worshipers over 50 are more likely to pray in their own words.


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