What if God had put you in your situation for a good reason?

What if God had put you in your situation for a good reason?

Today, the text that brings us together is found in Esther, chapter 4, verse 14. But before saying it, I would like to set the context: Esther was chosen from among the people in Persia, where she was brought in captivity as a Jewess, belonging to the Jewish people, and therefore she is chosen to replace the queen because of her beauty. She therefore finds herself the wife of the king, queen in the palace. And this is the context they are going through, a context that is difficult. It should be known that Esther had hidden, on the advice of her relative, her origin so as not to be in difficulty. And now a drama happens for the Jewish people at the time in this country of Persia.

We read in Esther, chapter 3, verse 13: "The letters were sent by the couriers into all the provinces of the king, to destroy, to kill and destroy all the Jews, young and old, small child and woman, in a single day on the 13th of the 12th month, which is the month of Adar, and that their goods should be given up for plunder. »

There is therefore a genocide which is programmed on the Jewish people dispersed in Persia. Esther finds out about it and of course she's scared and she can't do anything. While discussing with her relative by correspondence, she receives this advice to go and appear before the king to plead the cause of the Jewish people. But there it was, there was a law that you don't come before the king, even if you're the queen, unless you've been invited, and she was risking her life doing that. She takes a time of fasting with all the Jews of the country to implore the grace of God and she will take the risk of appearing before the king who welcomes her.

Something extraordinary is going to happen, it is that the king will finally accede to Esther's request; and you will read the entire book, ultimately it is the entire Jewish people who are saved. And the one who had premeditated the loss of the Jewish people finds himself executed.

It is a grace that God grants through Esther to the Jewish people, to save them from this genocide. So the turning point, we read in Esther in chapter 4, verse 14, is on the advice of Esther's kinsman who said, therefore Mordecai: "If you be silent now (when she had fears of appear before the king) help and deliverance will come from another place for the Jews, and you and your father's house will perish. And who knows if it wasn't for a time like this that you rose to royalty? » 

What made Esther change her mind, what allowed her to take the risk of appearing before the king uninvited and putting herself in mortal danger, were these words: Who knows if it wasn't for a time like this that you rose to royalty? »

My friend, simply, I want to make an application now to tell you that: who knows if in your struggles and your difficulties, it is not for a time like this that you have reached your position, in your place, in this place?

There are misunderstandings, there are doubts, there are fears, there are perhaps dangers waiting for you. And you don't understand God's plan, you think, “Lord, what's going on in my life? Why am I struggling in my job? Why am I fighting with my health? Why so many relational conflicts? And God says to you: "Who knows if you are not placed in this situation to be able to solve problems that you do not yet know?" Who knows if the relationship conflict issues you're going through and how you're going to resolve them won't be a blessing beyond you personally, but to many others? Who knows if the disease you are going through and fighting will not serve as encouragement, support, and perhaps even research for hundreds, thousands of other people? Who knows if the economic fight, the economic tensions that you are currently going through will not be an opportunity to help, after having overcome your hardships yourself, to be able to help all those who are going through the same difficulties as you?

God sometimes places us in places we don't understand, but the reality is that he is always with us. He is close to us and guides our steps. May the Lord bless you.

Tony Tornator

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