Am I doing good?


Everyone wants to be an encouragement for those around them. But in reality, are we really capable of it?

Am I doing good?

The apostle Paul asked himself this question. His response: "I do not do the good that I want, but I practice the evil that I do not want" (Rom. 7,19). The Christians he taught certainly saw only the good that emanated from him, his skills as a speaker, his quick-wittedness and his knowledge. Paul considered himself very small for the task at hand, and perhaps that was also "the good which he was not doing."

Involuntary providers of good

And me, am I doing good? Without thinking about it, I spontaneously answered in the negative. Certainly because I have always been told that no one is perfect, that we are all sinners, etc. Then the question came back to my mind in another form: are the people you know, that you meet, doing you good? Yes ! One day, a woman of the Church, with whom I have very little contact, approached me and said to me: “You are a mother after the heart of God”. It did me good, but I'm not sure she really noticed.

Another time, when I was very tense and anxious about organizing my daughter's back to school, I was soothed by a mom who looked so laid back. She was in a good mood and confident with her double stroller, as she waited for her oldest child in front of the school.

Let yourself be filled by the Supreme Good

Too often, “the good” is associated with an act, gift or service. However, through our words and our attitude, we have an impact on others, whether negative or positive. While it is possible to control our speech to some extent, it is much more difficult to control our attitude and body language. Hence the importance of allowing oneself to be filled day after day by the Good, through the Bible.

Our state of mind influences our ability to do good. Before approaching me, this young woman who had encouraged me, had not heard a voice speak to her about me, just an insistent thought that she had allowed herself to relate to me. Let us be attentive to our thoughts: the Holy Spirit uses them and they can be a source of much good.


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Article originally published on November 15, 2021

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