End of life: the bill "in Parliament next year"

End of life of the bill "in Parliament next year"

The end-of-life bill promised by Emmanuel Macron should be debated in Parliament "next year", Minister of Relations with Parliament Franck Riester said on Monday.

“I think it will be in the Council of Ministers before the end of the year, and then in Parliament next year,” he declared on Sud Radio.

Emmanuel Macron was to receive the bill "by the end of summer", a deadline set at the beginning of April by the Head of State himself at the end of the work of the Citizens' Convention on the promised end of life .

The timetable has not since been specified, even if the government seemed to give itself additional time by recently mentioning "significant progress by the end of September".

It was also a way of overcoming the Pope's visit to Marseille, where Mr Macron was able to discuss the subject with a sovereign pontiff who warned against "the falsely dignified perspective of a gentle death".

At this stage, the creation of “active assistance in dying” remains dependent on the decisions of the executive, which intends to articulate this new right with a palliative care development plan.

Once adopted by the Council of Ministers, this text will be the subject of “work by a special commission” in the Assembly and the Senate, added Mr. Riester.

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