In immersion: behind the scenes of Mehdi Djaadi's spiritual "Coming-out"


In this new episode of our series of reports, We take you into immersion at the Tristan Bernard Theater in Paris to discover the play by actor and director, Mehdi Djaadi, entitled “Coming Out”.

Only one on stage in which he returns with humor and sincerity to his spiritual journey as well as his childhood in a family of Algerian origin, his relationship with his father who awakened him to Islam, his experience of delinquency and gradually his way to Christianity and openness to the world of art and culture.

Upstream, we met Mehdi who told us more about the genesis of this show, as touching as it is funny, which is quite simply the story of his life! A beautiful ode to freedom and to Jesus.

"Coming out" will still be played until December 22 at the Tristan Bernard theater, then on a single date in La Cigale on January 8. He will then be on tour in several cities in France. You can also find Mehdi in the new film by Gad Elmaleh, “Reste un peu”.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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