In Egypt, the mufti confirms the death sentence of the assassin of Archbishop Arsanious Wadid


The Mufti of the Republic, an Egyptian religious authority, confirmed the death penalty announced by an Egyptian court last May.

On April 7, the Coptic priest Arsanious Wadid was murdered in the street, on the Corniche of Alexandria. Immobilized by passers-by, his attacker, Nehru Abdel Moneim Tawfiq, was then taken to a psychiatric hospital.

Last May, the accused was found guilty of intentional homicide after a psychological report which declared him "responsible for his actions". He was then sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. A decision on which the Mufti of the Republic was to issue an Islamic legal opinion on June 11.

according to Copts United, the accused's death sentence was confirmed.

Arsanious Wadid was distributing Ramadan gifts on Alexandria Corniche with a group of young people from his church when the attacker stabbed him in the neck. He had not survived this attack.


Image credit: Morning Star News

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