In China, Christians filled with compassion for their persecutors


Placed under surveillance at their homes, Christians bless the guards responsible for watching them.

Dai Zhichao is a Chinese Christian from the Early Rain Covenant Church. An important figure in this church, Dai Zhichao has been under surveillance at his home, with his family, since September 2022, with a ban on going out, whether even to shop or go to school.

Young guards are required by the authorities to monitor him. But in this cold winter, Dai Zhichao notices that they don't have any warm clothes at their disposal. The Christians of the Early Rain Covenant Church then mobilized and provided them with hot water, clothes and duvets, to meet their needs and show them an image of Jesus.

Learning what had happened, the Chinese Communist Party moved the guards.

The Early Rain Covenant Church is targeted for persecution by the Chinese government. Its pastor Wang Yi has been in detention since 2018. Prior to his arrest, his call for "faithful disobedience" shocked the international community.

Last August, sixty Christians of the Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) were gathered for worship in Chengdu, in a teahouse, when police raided, deeming the gathering illegal.


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