Are you on a dangerous path?


Let's read together Psalms 139, verses 23 and 24: "O God, look into my heart and know me, examine my thoughts and see my worries. See if I am on a dangerous path and lead me on your path, which path that is sure forever."

This Psalm of David is not just a simple request to God to look at it superficially. Indeed, God really sees us, he knows who we are deep in our hearts, we cannot hide anything from him. He examines our thoughts and sees our worries.

We sometimes tend to believe that we are alone in our problems, it even happens that we accuse God of his silence or we implore him to come and help us as if he had forgotten us. This is the first thing I would like to say to you today: God sees you! He has not forgotten you, you are important to him, you are not equal to him. Your worries, he sees them, your thoughts, he knows them. He even knows when you are on a dangerous path.

But what is a dangerous path? It becomes dangerous when you get lost or when you face people who want to hurt you, all alone and without help. Transposed for us today, a dangerous path in spirituality is to get lost and deviate from the right path. It is also to face the enemy, to face temptations without having Jesus by our side.

Where are you today? Are you on a dangerous path? Maybe you have strayed from the right path, maybe you needed to hear, today, that God sees you, that he knows where you are and above all that he wishes guide you on the right path again. Because the good news is that even if you've strayed, even if you're on a dangerous path, you can always get back on the right path. Just realize it and turn, change course and get back on track.

What is the right path? Jesus is THE way and his Spirit will guide you in the footsteps of Jesus. Your relationship with Jesus will help you stay on course, follow the Father's will and avoid danger.

I encourage you to take this Psalm as a prayer: “O God, look deep into my heart and know me, examine my thoughts and see my worries. See if I am on a dangerous path and lead me on your path. , that path which is sure forever. Amen!"

I wish you a beautiful day, be blessed.


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