“God is not dead 4” finally arrives on DVD!


The sequel to the “God is not dead” saga is coming to France this May. This new opus is crossed by this central question: do we have the freedom to be able to homeschool our own children? The notion of freedom in the United States is major and is enshrined in their constitution in letters of gold. This same constitution, which is mentioned throughout the film, is the cornerstone of the birth of this country. By questioning the school at home, the film questions the whole people. A film proposed by SAJE distribution and available in DVD et VOD.

Who owns our children?

Again, Reverend Dave (David AR White) is loyal to the post. The pastor takes up his shepherd's staff to lead a battle in the heart of Washington, the capital embodying the country's power and centralism. A committee is the scene of all disputes. A senator, Robert Benson (William Forsythe) launches a bill on education in the United States with the aim of unifying and standardizing teaching.

A debate then opens between those who wish to be able to raise their children at home with a free education and the civil servants of Washington who wish that on the whole of the American States, a common trunk is set up.

The franchise does not beat around the bush. Not being able to choose education is contrary to individual freedom and religious freedom. In this crusade against the American establishment, they can count internally on the support of a member of Congress, Congressman Daryl Smith (Isaiah Washington), who here is a defender of freedoms and embodies a virtuous politician in the face of an administration all committed to contemporary ideas.

The film has this virtue of putting a universal question at the center: do our children belong to us or do they belong to governments? An imminently political question, but which some are considering as a possible orientation for tomorrow. A philosophical conception which is directly opposed to the Christian faith. The inalienable freedom of human conscience cannot be disputed. This is precisely what Reverend Dave is fighting for.

Homeschooling: Freedom Challenged

The film appeals to the collective imagination (War of Independence, Civil War, Second World War, Vietnam War) to anchor the film in its fight for freedom. Honoring the memory of these soldiers who died on the field of honor "so that they did not die in vain" launches Reverend Dave to the commission and adds "it is up to us to want that with the help of God this nation rebirth in freedom, it is up to us to decide that the government of the people, by the people and for the people will never disappear from the face of the earth. Thus, the fight is none other than the defense of a right: that parents can educate their children as they wish.

And that the government of Washington cannot interfere in the houses in the name of a right of inspection which is not justified by the American constitution.

The film is also meant to be the slayer of the dominant ideologies and the social engineering that is disseminated in school curricula and in schools, and as Reverend Dave says, the Bible "blocks the way to moral relativism, to those who confuse good and evil”. A film that feels good in this period to remind you of some fundamentals.

Discover God is not dead 4, we the people on DVD in all bookstores, on the SAJE store and VOD on The Christian Film.

Jean Damien Bouyer

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