"God, science, evidence": the bestseller with 200 copies offers a collector's edition


"God, science, evidence", a book co-written by Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies, which seeks to highlight the existence of God based on science, has met with some success since its publication last year. If the thesis he supports is decried by some and supported by others, the work does not seem to leave anyone indifferent. A collector's edition is expected on October 13. 

"Here are revealed the modern proofs of the existence of God" proclaims the back cover of this popular science book published by Guy Trédaniel in October 2021. If apparently, the question of the existence of a creator God puts science and faith in opposition, the two authors intend, thanks to the fruit of their work, to demonstrate the contrary.

A book that has met with great success since it has already sold 200 copies, with an audience “that touches all currents of thought”.

A collector's edition of the bestseller will be released in bookstores the 13 next october. The reader will be able to discover a portfolio containing the testimonies of scientific personalities involved in the debate between science and religion as well as representatives of Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Freemasonry.

A leaflet representing an illustration of the Great Turnaround "at the origin of the growth and then the decline of scientific ideas", which is exposed in the book, will also be offered in this special edition.

The work of Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies is divided into two parts, the first focuses on evidence related to science. "The last hundred years have helped us a great deal", specifies Mr. Bonnassies, who recalls that if there have always been reasons to believe in God, be it the beauty of the universe, its grandeur, its order or even its harmony, "the science for several centuries from Copernicus to Freud seemed to demonstrate the contrary”.

“Finally when we arrived in the twentieth century, a whole bunch of discoveries (relativity, thermodynamics, the Big Bang, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, the fine tuning of the Universe…) raise the question of God in a strong way, ”he continues. “Because all these discoveries conclude with one thing: that the universe has a beginning, and if there is a beginning that means that there is also a cause. The most logical thesis is therefore that an intelligent mind operates behind it all ”.

In addition to these scientific proofs, "God, science, proofs" explores "non-science proofs" such as the existence of Jesus, prophecies, miracles, the permanence of the Jewish people... So many proofs which according to the authors, bring down the materialist framework, which is therefore no longer compatible with reality.

A thesis also supported by Robert Wilson, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1978 who signs the preface to the book. The scientist, who is not himself a believer, affirms that "although the thesis according to which a higher spirit would be at the origin of the creation of the universe does not seem to him sufficient, he accepts its coherence".

The ambition of this book of more than 500 pages, is not to talk about faith, as Olivier Bonnassies reminds us, who specifies that it is above all a question of defining "the scientific thesis which sticks best to reality ". It can however be an excellent tool for evangelization as well as an invitation to reflection and debate. It has also already prompted the publication of publications in response.

The book, which has been on the list of bestsellers since its publication, seems, in any case, to have won over the general public.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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