"God is patient": In the middle of a world tour, Justin Bieber continues to evangelize his fans on stage


In concert in Columbus, Ohio, Justin Bieber once again shared the word of God on stage.

Since the launch of his world tour called the "Justice World Tour", Justin Bieber does not miss an opportunity to talk about Jesus, whether on stage or behind the scenes with his team.

He shared on his Instagram account an excerpt from his concert on May 16, which took place in Columbus, Ohio. In this video, he is seen playing the piano and sharing the word of God to the cheers of the crowd. "God is patient," the caption reads.

The star first encouraged rest and patience.

"I'm always in a rush, there's so much to do you know, there's so much on my mind. There is one thing I have been doing recently that has helped me a lot. It's just sitting and waiting, resting. To be patient with myself, to be patient with those around me. »

He then quoted one of his "favorite Bible passages" found in Psalms 46 at verse 10: "Stay still and know that I am God."

"Sometimes I like to ask myself, and remind myself that he is God," continued Justin Bieber. A state of mind which, according to him, “removes all pressure”. “He is in control, and he works to make all things work for our good, all the difficult situations, all the heartbreaking moments. God works so that everything works together for our good. I really believe that,” he concluded.


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The Canadian singer also posted a video taken the same day, in which we see him praying with his team before going on stage.

Sunday, May 1, while performing in Dallas, the star had previously talked about God during her concert and shared a Bible verse. He had, among other things, recalled that the Lord is close to "those who are heartbroken". “He takes care of you,” he said.

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