Terrorists round up villagers in church, spot Christians and slit their throats


A survivor testifies to the attack that left eleven dead in Mozambique.

Bishop Alberto Vera Aréjula de Nacala, revealed to the organization Aid to the Church in Need, the drama that took place the night of September 6 in Mozambique.

The bishop explains the horror told to him by the brother of a victim. He was there and managed to escape. Terrorists dressed in military uniforms arrived. "They gathered the population and they said it was because they were there to save them," he continues.

Then they separated the Muslims from the Christians.

“When they all got together, they started asking who was Muslim and who was Christian. They began tying the hands behind their backs and slitting the throats of those who identified themselves as Christians. »

According to the bishop, 11 people died. The others now live in fear.


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