Relics and scrolls found in a church ravaged by the Islamic State in Syria


The relics found in the church devastated by the Islamic State in Syria bear references to Simon the Zealot, John or Simeon.

The Syriac Orthodox Mar Thomas Church in Mosul had been devastated by the Islamic State. Under the occupation of the jihadists, the church had even served of court, prison and training camp.

While the building is being restored, stone vessels adorned with Aramaic inscriptions, and scrolls in Syriac and Aramaic have been found. Asia News says the workers behind the find contacted local church officials, including the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop of Mosul Mor Nicodemos Sharaf.

One of the vessels bears an inscription referring to Saint Theodore, a Roman soldier born in Turkey in the XNUMXrd century AD and beheaded after his conversion to Christianity. Others were linked to Simon the Zealot, Jean or even Simeon.

Le The Jerusalem Post hypothesizes that these relics were hidden by church priests at the time of their escape.


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