Behind the word persecution, a reality, faces, words and lives that rock


When discussing the persecution of Christians, the subject can sadly seem abstract and distant. The violence of the persecution is so different from what we experience in the West. Our consciousness sometimes becomes sensitized to a reality that is both so painful and so far away.

PHowever, for millions of children, adolescents, families and the elderly, the persecution is excruciatingly real. Today we invite you to discover the faces of some of those whose lives have simply changed with the rise of Islamic Daesh extremism. Their words are raw. Children talk about death, violence... Adults reaffirm their faith. They did not give in to torture, killings and burnings.

The Middle East had 20% of Christians in 1915. In 2015, they were only 5%. Today we are talking about 4%.

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Image credit: Flickr / CC - Shakreez

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