Disguised as Kylo Ren, a female priest celebrates the wedding of Star Wars fans in Wales


In Wales, Kylo Ren celebrated the union of Han Solo's son with Princess Leia.

Tina and Kevin Rankin are Christians and Star Wars fans. And it was in the outfits of Han Solo's son and Princess Leia that they renewed their wedding vows. An original ceremony, celebrated by a woman-priest disguised as Kylo Ren, in the church of Pontypridd in Wales.

"Being a big Star Wars fan myself, I couldn't say no to this wedding," said Charlotte Ruston.

“Tina and Kev were married almost 20 years ago in a registry office, and they mostly wanted God's blessing on their marriage, which I was thrilled to give. The whole day was full of fun and laughter. When Jesus spoke of the fullness of life, I think he was referring to days like this. »

The couple was delighted that Charlotte Ruston allowed them to celebrate their marriage with respect for both their faith and their passion for the Star Wars saga.


source: First Christian News

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