Discover “Do you know this Jesus? », the new album of YouthFR


YouthFR is the movement and creative expression of the youth ministry of the Hillsong Church of France. They are committed to helping young people from all walks of life grow in their knowledge and intimacy with God through songs of praise.

Their prayer is that their songs may touch the young generation, but also the Francophone Church and shine in our world the light of hope of Jesus Christ.

Besides, “Do you know this Jesus? », their brand new album was released today on all download platforms.

You will find there their latest single "Perfectly Imperfect", released on April 29, which deals with the importance that our society attaches to appearance, which easily leads to falling into comparison and defining oneself little by little with what we see on the screens.

This song is a true declaration of identity as a child of God based on Psalm 139 “I praise you Lord, for I am a marvelous creature. »

Matthias guillemot

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