Former American missionaries commit family suicide

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A couple of former missionaries join their daughter in a deadly pact after the spiritually exalted daughter decides to take her own life.

The young woman was particularly convinced of being a threat to a shadow government led, according to her, by Donald Trump. At the scene of the gruesome scene, officers found notes indicating that the very religious, but withdrawn and mentally ill family had thought they were acting biblically.

It was on January 25 that, tipped off by neighbors, police in West Manchester, Pennsylvania discovered the corpses of the Daub family in their backyard. The bodies of Morgan, 26, and her parents Deborah (59) and James (61), two former missionaries in Ethiopia, bore marks of gunshot wounds to the head. All three had put on hearing protection to reduce the sound of gunfire. The police found notes in the house indicating the order of the deaths. Near Morgan's remains was a sword inscribed "The Sword of the Lord".

A letter reveals that James was initially reluctant to kill himself but followed his family, reluctantly. According to the notes left with the police, the father indicates that he did not have the courage to kill himself: "With only two weapons and I who was shaking, it was my wife Debbie who pressed the relaxation for me." His wife wrote, "I was too weak so my family pulled the trigger for me." Investigators recorded two murders and one suicide.

According to the police, the notes found on the spot testify that the girl suffered from unbearable auditory hallucinations at the origin of her decision. All three family members suffered from "various degrees of mental illness" the inquest said.

A pact referring to the Bible and based on the paranoia of the girl

According to the words left by the deceased, the project would have started to be elaborated nine months before. An April 2022 letter, written by Deborah, says Morgan had chosen the date they would die, citing a passage from the Bible where the mother of the future prophet Samuel dedicates her child to God after praying to become pregnant (1 Samuel, chapter 1, verses 24-28). The father was reportedly unaware of the pact between his wife and their daughter at the time, police said, for whom "the letter reads as if they believed James would outlive them." He chose to join the pact after finding out.

The day before she died, Morgan posted a video in which she said, "Follow me as I follow Jesus!" The young lady who had lived protected and took online courses at Messiah University before attending face-to-face last year, had a Youtube channel under the pseudonym "Lioness Arising" (The lioness gets up), revealing her psychological troubles.

The one who admired former President Trump had published a video in September entitled "Potential human rights violations ... by the US military! Let there be light!" in which she presented herself as "an indescribable threat to the entire establishment, which now includes Donald Trump". According to her, the latter and his spiritual advisory council really ruled the country. She also presented herself as a prime target for the devil and the Antichrist.

The family had also indicated that they had sedated the dog so that it did not bite the police and left indications to the relatives as to its care.

Shocked neighbors describe a once outgoing family known to hold Halloween parties in their garage before isolating themselves. One of them says he received spiritual advice and prayers from the family.

Jean Sarpedon

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