Cop 28: cults call on Emmanuel Macron for “drastic and immediate” action


The leaders of the main religions in France called on Emmanuel Macron to express their “concerns” about the climate and call for “drastic and immediate” action, we learned on Thursday on the opening day of COP 28.

“We, representatives of the Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Muslim faiths of our country, solemnly appeal to you in view of COP 28, and more broadly, on the profound ecological and living upheaval caused by human activities,” writes the Conference of Leaders of Religion in France (CRCF) in a letter to the Head of State.

Because "we are in a situation of extreme emergency", add the officials, who believe that "France must raise its response to the height" and "commit itself more resolutely than (it) did in international level.

“Action must be drastic and without delay. As religious leaders, we are committed to supporting everyone with the strong and demanding decisions that would be taken” during COP 28.

Linking the climate crisis to “a real spiritual and civilization crisis”, they therefore plead for a “paradigm change” and “a revolution of sobriety”.

“France must democratically choose a more sober way of life that is integrally linked to social justice,” they explain, believing that “there will be no transition without justice.”

Religious leaders also consider it "vital to exit fossil fuels in time, by immediately stopping investments in new projects" in favor of renewable energies.

They also plead for “sustainable and equitable international financing” in favor of adaptation measures, in particular “for the benefit of countries in the South”.

Pope Francis planned to go to COP 28 but flu symptoms forced him to cancel the trip on Tuesday.

The letter is signed by Christian Krieger (president of the Protestant Federation of France), Eric de Moulins-Beaufort (president of the Conference of Bishops of France), Haïm Korsia (Chief Rabbi of France), Chems-eddine Hafiz (rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris), Mohammed Moussaoui (president of the Union of Mosques of France), Demetrios Ploumios (president of the assembly of Orthodox bishops of France) and Antony Boussemart (co-president of the Buddhist Union of France).

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