How to find true friends and be one?

How to find true friends and be one

Today our reading is in Proverbs 18, verse 24. This verse says: "He who has many friends has them to his misfortune, but there are friends who stick more closely than brothers."

This passage reminds us of the importance of choosing our friends carefully. It is better to have one or one faithful friend than dozens of superficial relations. There are friends who are so faithful and devoted that they are like brothers to us. And we all need it in life, but it's crucial to surround yourself with positive, encouraging and caring people.

Friends who support us in difficult times and encourage us in times of success. Friends who share our values ​​and aspirations, and who help us become the best version of ourselves. That's the definition of a faithful friend.

This verse also reminds us that some friends can lead us into dangerous or negative behaviors. It is important to be wary of friends who can bring us to ruin. These friends may be people who influence us negatively, who lead us into dishonest behaviors or situations, or who are simply unreliable. They may seem fun and exciting at first, but in the long run their influence can cause us problems.

So how can we apply this verse to our daily lives? How to be a faithful friend for others and how to find friends who are for us?

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Be honest and sincere in your friendships. Trust is an essential part of friendship, so make sure you're always honest with your friends and don't lie or betray their trust.

2. Be there for your friends in difficult times. Being a loyal friend means being there for your friends, no matter what. Listen to them when they need to talk, offer your support and help if they need it.

3. Encourage your friends to be the best version of themselves. Faithful friends support and encourage their friends to pursue their dreams, pursue their passions, and achieve their goals. Friendship is an important relationship in our life.

And in conclusion, I would like to pray for a person who feels lonely and suffers from isolation. And if it is you, well, I ask the Lord to send you or to reveal to you reliable people who are anchored in His word, who can be for you a brother or a sister.

But know above all that Jesus is there with you and that you are not alone. He is your friend, a faithful friend who will never let you down.

Be blessed and have a good week

Sandra Kouame

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