How to heal when you have been hurt by the Church?


It became all too common a topic of conversation: "I went to church, but I had a very bad experience, and I haven't been back since." Painful experiences in church, which can range from misunderstandings to intentional abuse, are very real and unfortunately increasingly common.

If you are struggling with emotional and spiritual pain resulting from negative experiences in a church, I first want to say how sorry I am for what you are going through and allow me to recognize the depth of pain that you are going through. this can cause.

I have personally shed many tears as a result of experiences like this in my own life and have seen many other people go through the same ordeals. It breaks my heart, and it breaks God's heart even more.

That such deep emotional pain can come from a place that is supposed to facilitate God's healing and restoration is proof of the broken world we live in and of Satan's opposition to God's plan. Unfortunately, this opposition is not new, since it was the religious leaders, after all, who beat and crucified Jesus.

So, if you are suffering and heartbroken by the actions of a church leader or other church member, it helps to remind yourself that you are not alone. Jesus can relate to your struggle and wants to help you heal.

If you can't erase the memory of what you've been through, you can choose not to let it hold you back. You can receive healing and once again experience the blessings of being part of a healthy church family.

The enemy wants you to get stuck in your pain and forsake the Church, but God wants to bring you restoration and healing.


Article Cortni Marrazzo translated and reproduced in part from the site Crosswalk originally published in May 2021.

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