Clément Beaune for "future" legalization of surrogacy

Clément Beaune for legalization in the future of surrogacy

Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport and member of the left wing of the majority, pleads, in an interview with L'Obs, for legalization "in the future" of surrogacy (GPA), a measure not appearing in Emmanuel Macron's program.

“Today, the situation is clear: surrogacy does not appear in the presidential and legislative contract that we signed with the French in the spring of 2022. This measure is not on the program, the president told the French. Should we, however, go further in the future and legalize surrogacy? I think so, yes,” Mr. Beaune told the weekly.

"It's not for now," insists the minister. But "there are on the one hand so many suffering children and dysfunctional families, and on the other, so many couples who carry a children's project in their hearts", he argues.

Second argument: "justice. Today, the French can in fact already have recourse to surrogacy. But not all French people! Only those who have the means to go abroad: to Canada, to the United States ... The selection is done by money and contacts. Having our own framework and our own rules would be fairer and more protective. It won't be done in this legislature. But we also have to dig into ideas for tomorrow", develops this former adviser to Emmanuel Macron.

Asked about the recent outings of Gérald Darmanin, Mr. Beaune pleads for the "unity" of the majority, as Elisabeth Borne recently did.

"Before thinking of 2027, let's think first of 2023 and 2024", with the European elections in particular. "If by then we lose the compass of unity, we will smash," he warns.

"That there are sensitivities that are expressed within our majority, mine or that of Gérald Darmanin, is a necessity: the going beyond wanted by Emmanuel Macron is anything but erasure. But the ideas that are expressed must being in a common framework", insists Mr. Beaune.

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