Five Christians talk about Jesus in a boat, are thrown overboard and drown


“If you keep insisting that Jesus is the Son of God, then Allah will kill you all. »

On August 10, five evangelists from the End Time Word Ministry church were crossing Lake Kyoga, Uganda with the intention of planting a church in the Aduku area. They were thrown overboard and perished 200 meters from shore.

A surviving Christian, Amos Kyakulaga, a deacon in a church, recounts the drama to Morning Star News.

On the boat, the evangelists begin to discuss with Muslims. “A huge dispute” broke out between them about “the sonship of our Lord Jesus Christ”. “If you keep insisting that Jesus is the Son of God, then Allah will kill you all,” one of the Muslims reportedly threatened.

The evangelists continued to quote the Scriptures.

“We give you one last minute to stop your blasphemy and convert by confessing the shahada (Islamic belief), otherwise your lives are in danger. »

Refusing to deny their Christian faith, the five evangelists were thrown one by one into Lake Kyoga.

Amos Kyakulaga was spared because, although a Christian, he was not part of the church planting team. At the end of the crossing, he went to the church of Aduku which had invited them. An elder got help from local authorities and a group of fishermen to find and remove the bodies from the lake.


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